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Frightening Facts about Drunk Driving

November 30, 2017, Author: FSA

friends partyFor a majority of people, drinking is fun. It is indeed a wonderful act of passing time with friends. Sitting with friends and enjoying a drink or two is really thrilling. It gets better if we all end up home safely, with none of the people involved getting involved in an accident. However, if an unfortunate accident occurs and a life is lost, the fun and thrill that filled the drinking party previously turns to into tears and sorrow. The time spent together with the departed soul cannot be gotten back. The loss of life due to drunk driving is not only silly but irresponsible. Everyone can avoid driving while drunk since it is a deliberate decision that you make.

You decide to drink and at the same decide to drive your car knowing too well that you have impaired vision. Why endanger your life when you have so many duties ahead of you? Why do you have to leave your children or spouse in pain? Why break a promising relationship simply because you adore beer more than the relationship? You have a long life to live. Drink responsibly and avoid the steering wheel if you know that you have impaired judgement brought about by your drunk driving. Check the fascinating facts below about drunk driving so that they may serve as a reminder that you are doing a reckless, if not evil, act.

30 percent of all youthful accidents in the teenage years is caused by alcohol

The biggest cause of teen deaths across the world is none other than car crashes. In order to explain further, it is factual that 30 percent of all youthful accidents in the teenage years is caused by alcohol, either directly or indirectly. This statistic does not include kids who perish as result of hit and run drivers, nor homicides caused in vehicles.

Every day like today, 8 teens perish in crashes that are DUI related. You should carefully watch your teens who have just been given the license to drive. Youthfulness and naivety are some of the reasons why teens make bad decisions on the road. A young and invincible soul needs to be keenly careful of so as to ensure that the teen lives to be a responsible adult who can make mature judgements.

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Of all the drivers who are engaged in drunken driving, males are the majority. These tough gents who cannot admit that they are drunk are the real issue to deal with. They make our roads a snare and they make a majority of people to have fearful thoughts whenever a vehicle veers off the road. It is time to man up and take a cab if a man thinks that he has had enough beer. No one will judge you for leaving your car at home and taking a cab home.

Alcohol related accidents happen mostly at night. Moreover, these accidents are at an all-time high during the weekends. Of all the crashes that happen at night, 50 percent of the drivers who died tested positive of alcohol above the legal limit. This cannot compare to the 15 percent of dead drivers during ordinary times.

In the year 2005 alone, over 7,000 people sustained permanent injuries or died as a result of accidents caused by alcohol. The fatalities that involve teens contribute to 20 percent of all alcohol related accidents even though only 6 percent of the licensed population are teens.

Of all the fatal road accidents, alcohol causes over 40 percent of them. Drug users are said to choose alcohol as their main drug. This is regardless of the increased number of accidents that alcohol causes on the roads.

We can safely infer from the stated statistics that driving while drunk kills people. Interestingly, most of drunk drivers survive the accidents. This is said to be due to the fact that drunk drivers have the Ragdoll Effect. This means that the driver cannot clench or flinch in case of a wreck, making them relaxed, hence they survive high velocity impacts. Moreover, drunk drivers survive deadly crashes since a majority of the cars are fitted with safety features which allow them to survive a head on impact.

This should be understood by all drunk driving can be avoided 100%. Do not start the car if you are drunk. Call a friend or get a cab. It is responsible and mature enough to do so.

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