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Fascinating DUI Trends Comparing Drugs and Alcohol

August 24, 2017, Author: FSA

It is practically unsafe to drive a car if you are using illicit drugs or you are under the prescription of drugs from a qualified medical practitioner. It is also unsafe to drive a car if you have taken alcohol. A drunk driver or a driver who is on drugs endangers the life of passengers, other road users, and his or her own life as well. Some people argue that some drugs keep them awake, particularly when driving long distances. However, it is factually true that a sober driver can be able to prevent the occurrence of a road accident in comparison to one who has taken some drugs perceived to be performance enhancers.

Is it dangerous to drive under the influence of drugs?

cannabisThe effects of the usage of some specific drugs depends on how much the drug affects the brain. For instance, marijuana is said to result to slow one’s rate of reaction, cause an impairment of distance and time, and bring about reduced coordination. Drivers who continuously use methamphetamine or cocaine are said to be thoughtless and aggressive when they are driving. Some sedatives such as benzodiazepines are said to cause drowsiness and dizziness. These and more drugs, if used while driving, can lead to fatal crashes resulting in the loss of lives, which could have been prevented.

It has been established through research that marijuana has extreme negative effects on drivers. Marijuana, commonly called cannabis sativa, makes driver unsteady on the road, through irresponsible lane wavering, poor time of reaction, and impaired attention while driving. If a driver uses marijuana and alcohol while driving, this increases the level of impairment, making drivers be less calculative when changing lanes and overtaking. This is a dangerous trend if allowed to continue. Various countries have instituted an array of mechanisms to ensure that drivers toe the line so as to reduce fatal crashes on the roads. Some countries have reaped the benefit of their legislations while other countries are still moving very slowly on the implementation of similar acts to curb drugged driving.

alcoholismIt is said that alcohol is killing more teenagers across the world than all other drugs combined. The three leading causes of fatal deaths among the youth are homicides, suicides, and accidents. Alcohol plays a role in each of these causes.

A young person who engages in alcohol abuse is highly likely to engage in usage of other drugs. Moreover, the same young person is highly likely to engage in cocaine as compared to another person who does not drink. A survey was conducted and it found that among the 30% of young people who identified as heavy drinkers, 10 percent of them were engaging in the illegal usage of drugs.

In the year 2005, over 6% of the population was reported to be engaging in heavy drinking. This is equivalent to 16 million people across the United States. Moreover, of all the 4 million people who were treated for engaging in usage of illegal substances, around 2.6 million of them were being treated for misusing alcohol.

In the year 2007, the United States recorded close to 13,000 deaths caused by alcohol. This statistics is more than 300% of the soldiers who died in combat missions for the previous six years! Moreover, every year, the United States records over 1.4 million arrests which are a result of drunk driving. The Department of Justice in the United States reported that over 40% of all violent crimes were as a result of alcohol usage.

23 million persons from European Union live a life that is alcohol-dependent

In England, the National Health System reported that there were over 187,000 persons who were admitted to health facilities as a result of alcohol-related cases in the years 2005 to 2006. England reported over 6,000 deaths which occurred as a result of alcohol use in the year 2005. The following year, alcohol-related deaths in England rose to 8,700. This represents a 7% increase every year.

european unionAccording to a study that was conducted in the European Union, over 23 million persons live a life that is alcohol-dependent. This is indeed a shockingly high number. England reported that close to 40% of traffic deaths were as a result of alcohol. Moreover, alcohol is attributed to 40% of all the violent crimes in the same country.

In addition to the already discussed effects of alcohol use, alcohol causes distorted hearing and vision, anaemia, coma, memory lapse, reduced discernment and coordination, and breathing difficulty, among others on the body. Moreover, the prolonged usage of alcohol can lead to domestic violence, liver disease, escalated family problems, inflammation of stomach walls, loss of jobs, fatal falls, high blood pressure, intentional harm such as those of using firearms, ulcers, and alcohol poisoning among others.

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