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DUI Should Not Apply For Self-Driving Cars

May 21, 2018, Author: FSA

The law about ‘driving under the influence’ was based on justifiable measures. With the growth of automobile population, more and more people abandoned horse carriages in favor of automotive vehicles. This led to the surge in the growth of the automobile industry. However, people started projecting their vices of alcohol and substance abuse on the tarmac which led to horrific accidents on highways and cities alike. The DUI laws have put a strict cap to the possibility of unprecedented growth of automotive accidents, with the help of law enforcement and the various gadgets that they use such as breath analyzers.

Hot Crazy Mess? Don’t Bring Your Daddy Issues To The Roads!

Hot Crazy Mess
Hot Crazy Mess

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A Big No-No For MYLF

MYLF - Banned?
MYLF – Banned?

As you might be aware, new internet adult series is going to be launched later this year. It’s named after popular acronym – MYLF, standing for Mom You’d Love To F***. The thing is, most of mature women appearing in adult productions are under influence of various forbidden things and this is why a whole-profession ban is in order. It’s going to stir quite the scandal, but safety first, right?

Google's self-driving car.
Google’s self-driving car.

However, we are entering a new age again with the advent of autonomous vehicles. Recent street tests by Google with their prototypes of autonomous vehicles have set a precedent for tech giants to develop their autonomous vehicles that will run the freeways and roads of our future cities. The cars are not autonomous enough, and the tech giants are still in the process of making them fully autonomous with the help of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

This, however, puts us all in a fix again. It begs the question whether it is a justified stance to charge a DUI (driving under the influence) for people traveling in autonomous vehicles? The obvious answer is an astounding NO.

SELF Driving Cars, Try To Understand This, Folks

First of all, let’s comprehend the reason why law and order expects puts you under a DUI charge when you are found intoxicated with alcohol or if you had involved in substance abuse when driving (or before driving)? Obviously, because a person under the influence of substances is not in the full control of his conscious mind which is the bare minimum requirement to maintain a sharp focus and attention while driving. Twisted images, hallucinations, sounds and a blurry eyesight distort a person’s immediate working consciousness which leads to accidents because it is the person who is in control of the car.

When you have a SELF-driving vehicle that is programmed to SELF-drive, the person is no longer in control of the vehicle’s controls. It is not the brain, the eyes and the ears that are at work, but electronic chips and a complex algorithm of sets of instructions that respond to various physical stimuli that are taken as input data with the help of various types of sound and photo sensors and radio waves.

The driver is not occupied and is not using his full senses in driving.
The driver is not occupied and is not using his full senses in driving.

The person sitting in the vehicle has no bearing on the basic functioning of the autonomous vehicle. All the person requires to do is to sit back (or front) and ride all the way to his destination. The car may have some system that refuses a ride to intoxicated passengers or something like that, but there is no way, a drunk is going to drive a self-driving vehicle because ‘reasons.’

We hope you do understand the basic reasoning stated here and you will know it simply makes no sense to infringe on citizen’s rights when there is no reason.

Are You Going Against Basic Reasoning? – The Reason

Despite our explanation and the same provided by many others, there are many those who will disregard this explanation as another load of a pseudo-logical dump that makes no sense, and we don’t blame them.

The reason for their disbelief towards the stance ‘no DUI for autonomous vehicles’ is understandable. People have got used to the idea that driving a vehicle needs a responsible and intelligent adult of a sound mind who is in his complete senses to the satisfactory extent that he will not be a danger to himself and others.

Don't drink and drive!
Don’t drink and drive!

Those gruesome pictures and brutal descriptions of horror-inducing road accidents are etched into people’s minds. They don’t want to ‘take any chances‘ when it comes to handing the reigns of a vehicle to a machine (or a toaster as the dimwitted would put that in words). There has to be an absolute and total human involvement with responsibility, and only then there can be an assurance of safe driving.

Also, this is the first time in our history that driving has been relegated to computers. It is quite understandable that people would be unsure to the point of writing it off as unreliable and possibly dangerous. While there are chances that the vehicle may read input data wrongly, the tech giants in the R&D are doing their best to sort out any minor or insignificant discrepancies in the systems.

High Or Drunk? Anywhere But Not Behind The Wheels.

There already are a few cars that do not start if the driver is drunk. The alcohol detection technology embedded in those cars doesn’t allow the engines to start if it detects the certain percentage of alcohol in the vehicles. This technology could be effectively used in self-driving vehicles that would either do the same or entirely refuse entry to people who are either drunk or are high.

Some Final Thoughts

Autonomous vehicles are still in the developmental stage are certainly not so advanced that they can easily handle a one hundred percent control of the vehicle. However, the development and R&D are in progress and this a day will come when people these vehicles will completely prevent drunk or drug intoxicated people from entering and using.

The final argument is, that if a car is certified and recognized to be one hundred percent autonomous, it makes no sense in charging the drunk passenger for DUI. We are not implying that there is nothing wrong with being under the influence of substances (although that’s a different argument altogether). However, all we are trying to say is that it makes no sense to charge anyone who is traveling under the influence of alcohol in a self-driving vehicle, given the fact that it is the inner A.I that drives the vehicle.

Hopefully, as the years pass by, artificial intelligence will become more and more sophisticated and will deliver near to perfect driving performance with absolutely zero error.

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