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DUI Infographic Shows Fascinating Trends

November 2, 2017, Author: FSA

Drink & DriveIt is always wrong to drive while you are drunk. You are not safe, and neither is any other road user, if you are on the road driving under the influence. While there are several countries that will allow you to drive with some level of alcohol in your blood system, you risk far-reaching consequences if you are caught driving under the influence of alcohol or any other drug. These are some of the punishments that you will face if you are caught in some countries. Some of the punishments are bizarre and you will not like them.

If you visit Malaysia, you will be met with the shock of a lifetime in case you happen to be caught driving while drunk. If you happen to be caught driving while drunk here in Malaysia, you will be sent to jail along with your spouse.

If you visit Australia and drive under the influence, all the newspapers will publish your name and you will face public ridicule. However, if you consider the punishment that awaits you in the United Arab Emirates, you will sober up immediately. If you are caught drunk while driving here, you will be flogged across the streets. They call it tough love. You have to toe the line. There are no known benefits of driving under the influence. You just have to be sober if you cannot avoid the steering wheel. This information is valuable especially if you are frequent traveler.

We can all erase one killer tradition of drunk driving in the holiday season. It is said that most of the accidents across the world occur during the holiday season. Fatal crashes that are related to alcohol in various parts of the world escalate mostly during the holiday season.

It is in this regard that various initiatives have been brought forward to educate people on the dangers that come with driving while drunk. These initiatives teach and address the citizenry to take bold steps to erase the problem of drunk driving. If you visit the Holiday Drinking & DUIs-Change the Trend website, you will find everything that relates to alcohol, drunken driving, and an array of other road crimes.

Of all the alcohol-related deaths across the United States, 40 percent of the accidents occurred during the Thanksgiving Day, 37 percent happened during the Christmas day, while 58 percent happened during the New Year’s holiday. The rest of the year when there were no major festivities only accounted for 31 percent of the alcohol related deaths. This is a clear indication the holiday season is a significant time when the authorities need to be extra careful so as to curb road carnage.

Moreover, during the same holidays, you will find that deaths rise by 200 to 300 percent since many people drink alcohol and drive at the same time. Alcohol is the single biggest cause of road fatalities, which happen mostly during the holiday season. 

  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas
  • New Year
  • Other Days

In order the sober up the nation, there have been various initiatives which have been brought forward to ensure that people do not perish anymore on the road as a result of alcohol-related causes. A sobering up campaign has been started to ensure that individuals who are addicted to alcohol are helped. The campaign rewards the best drivers who caused no accidents while at the same time educating would-be drivers of the fatal causes of drunken driving. It is also aimed at educating the public of the measures that the government has taken to ensure road users, particularly motorists, are sober as they drive. Moreover, pedestrians are also cautioned against using the road while drunk and they are encouraged to drink at home or take a cab if they realize that they cannot walk home. A staggering person can easily be hit even by a sober driver.

The Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility (FAAR) is also involved in rewarding outstanding individuals who have worked tirelessly to curb alcohol-related accidents. One such person who was awarded was Judge John S. Kennedy. He started the nationally recognized Target 25 program in the year 2012. The program has changed the way DUI offenders are handled in Pennsylvania. DUI offenders who have been granted bail are continuously supervised and alcoholic drivers are removed from the roads and monitored separately. New York County has registered a 90% reduction in the number of people who are caught with drunk driving.

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