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Drunk Driving – 7 Steps To Break The Habit

May 22, 2020, Author: FSA

Drinking and driving is never good. It is one combination that has killed thousands of innocent people over the years and will keep doing so unless we change something. Can we stop it? Yes, but only to a certain level. Drinking responsibly is a concept that not everyone understands or gives importance to. It is one issue that is not taken seriously, especially by youngsters. There are records to prove how ignorant the younger generation is and how often they kill someone or get killed themselves because they were drunk driving.

If you have the habit of drinking and driving and would like to break it, here are 7 steps that will help you save lives. These 7 steps call for simple changes on your part and not even a single one says ‘quit drinking’. The main point is to drink responsibly and not to get behind the wheel when you have consumed more than the legal limit. Read on.

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What Is Drunk Driving Or Drinking And Driving?

Drunk driving or drinking and driving or driving under the influence; no matter what you call it, it means the same. Drunk driving means driving with a baseline blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.08 and above. This rule is for some places while in others there is a zero-tolerance rule, which means no amount of alcohol in the blood is tolerated and is punishable by the law. There are penalties in place for individuals who drive with a high BAC level and the those who get in an accident have to face different rules and multiple convictions.

7 Steps To Stop Drunk Driving

Here are the 7 steps that can save you and your loved one from getting into trouble after a party.

  1. When going out with your gang, choose a designated driver
    Choose a designated driver

    Choose A Driver For The Evening

When going out with your gang, choose a designated driver. This person will be responsible for getting behind the wheel and dropping everyone home after the party. It goes without saying that this person cannot drink beyond the permitted limit and will have to make a supreme sacrifice. You can change this designated driver every weekend or whenever you have a party. That way, one single person won’t have to make all the sacrifices. If there’s a teetotaler in your gang, then things get even simpler. That person can drive every time you guys step out.

  1. Book A Taxi

If everyone you are with is not in a condition to drive, the best thing to do will be to call a taxi. Car sharing service like Uber or Lyft at time when multiple people have been drinking and need to get home safely. Booking is a good idea even on occasions when you have been partying alone and would like a lift.

  1. Choose Mocktails If You Are Alone
Choose mocktails to be safe

If you are going out alone for a party and plan to drive; it will be best to avoid alcoholic beverages. Order mocktails in the party and drive home safely.  Do not like mocktails, then you will have to make do with water on ice. This idea may sound like a spoilsport but it better to be safe than sorry.

  1. Do Not Drink Under Pressure

Peer pressure or drink competitions often end up in over drunk individuals who cannot stand straight. So, never drink because of pressure. If you do not feel like drinking, be clear about it. Drinking competitions may happen suddenly and leave you in a situation where you are forced to drive but not in a condition to do so. Therefore, be mindful about what is right for you and say no firmly.

  1. Be Firm With Your Friends

Protect your friends by being firm with them. Tell them they cannot drive and you won’t either if you are not in the condition. Most people who are drunk do not believe they are and will argue to the moon about that. Hide the keys if need be but make sure that anyone who cannot drive, does not drive. Remembering this one point may save you from a lifelong regret.

  1. Refuse To Get In A Car With A Drunk Person

If your taxi driver or your date looks drunk, refuse to get in the car. You are not obligated to sit in the car and risk your life in the process. Yes, the drama will be a little awkward but then again, it is always better to be safe than to be sorry later. Be firm about what you want and if you have booked the driver from services like UBER, you should report the matter to the company and prevent drunk driving.

  1. Drink Responsibly

Last but not the least, always drink responsibly. Over drinking can never make you happy or solve your problems. So, whenever you step out to drink, do so responsibly. Have a few drinks, enjoy a good meal and leave. Doing this will also ensure that you do not get addicted in the long run. Now, that’s two birds with one stone. Drinking responsibly can save your life; behind the wheel and otherwise as well.

Consequences Of Drunk Driving

Drinking affects a person’s awareness and cognitive abilities. Drunk driving is illegal everywhere with slightly different consequences. Here is what can happen if you are caught under the influence.

  1. You may end up in jail for a lifetime

    One of the most common punishments of drunk driving is license suspension. Individual licenses may be suspended for varying lengths of time and commercial licenses may be suspended for longer periods of time.

  2. Jail time is mandatory at some places along with fines.
  3. You may be asked to install an ignition interlock device in your car. This machine detects alcohol consumption and stops people from operating the car.
  4. Drunk driving convictions can lead to job loss.
  5. In case of convictions, getting a car insurance becomes difficult. Even if you get one, premium will always be high.
  6. If you get injured yourself in an accident, you may not get insurance coverage for treatment.
  7. Last and the worst of all consequences, you may end up in jail for a lifetime for killing someone under the influence. You might as well get a death penalty.

When it comes to alcohol, always make good decisions and plan ahead for your evening. Always remember that life is more precious than temporary ecstasy. Be responsible and enjoy your life.

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