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Drugs, Alcohol and Their Consequences

September 18, 2017, Author: FSA

drinkingIt may be technically difficult to ascertain if an individual has a history of alcohol or drug abuse. However, if a drug user or alcohol user is not treated within the required timeline, the consequences thereof become extremely dire and can even overtake a person’s whole life. Excessive usage of alcohol and drug usage can only be compared to an aggressive form of cancer. This is because alcohol and drugs affect every area of a person’s life. Some of the minor consequences that a person experiences in his or her life make such a person to address a seeming substance abuse problem. Other people prefer to slip deep into the addiction life, and they do not prefer to seek help until they are staring at death with their very own eyes.

Once an individual understands the detrimental effects that alcohol and drugs have on relationships, work, and finances, he or she will be pushed to initiate the steps towards recovery.

One of the major consequences of drug, alcohol, and substance abuse is dwindling financial resources. There is no one individual who is immune from financial challenges. However, if you are an alcohol or drug user, the financial problem further escalates to untold levels. Such individuals resort to stealing money from other people or end up facing an accumulation of debts. Moreover, such persons also find themselves preferring alcohol or their favorite drugs to food or paying other mandatory household bills such as rent, water, school fees and electricity.

This explains why addicted persons are always in debt and they are also the ones who are mainly involved in criminal acts across the world. Usage of drugs and alcohol makes an individual lose the ability to support himself and such a person cannot sustain any relationship. The affected person does not care if he loses the affection of the loved ones. He or she is faithful to the drug or bottle alone. Nothing more and nobody else matters.

AddictedIf someone is an alcohol user or a drug user, they cannot avoid facing the consequences of drug use. One cannot allude to the fact that they perform optimally when they are under drugs or alcohol. Anyone who is a perennial alcoholic or drug user cannot function to his or her optimal capacity. Alcohol and drugs adversely affect the ability to work well, and this can result in far-reaching repercussions. An addiction to any drug or alcohol can tarnish a well-built reputation, halt a talented career, and eradicate one’s regular income as well.

It is possible to resuscitate a professional career, however, even after the prolonged usage of drugs and alcohol reduces the chances of reviving the said career. A person who loves his job is defined by the job he or she does. If such a person is a perennial drug user or an alcoholic, the loss of job is commensurate to losing a part of that person. The abuse of drugs makes a person hate his job and love drugs more. There is no single career on earth that has flourished when one is taking drugs. A sober mind is likely to be highly productive and favored.

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