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DUI Should Not Apply For Self-Driving Cars

May 21, 2018, Author: FSA

The law about ‘driving under the influence’ was based on justifiable measures. With the growth of automobile population, more and more people abandoned horse carriages in favor of automotive vehicles. This led to the surge in the growth of the automobile industry. However, people started projecting their vices of alcohol and substance abuse on the […]

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Instances of Driving under Influence in USA and Around the World

July 31, 2017, Author: FSA

A lot of the progress that has happened across the world in the last ten years is as a result of the lessons that have been learned from an array of countries across the world.  There are valuable lessons that can be gotten from various countries as far as driving under the influence is concerned. [...]

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Driving Under the Influence: A Crime

July 5, 2017, Author: FSA

Driving under the influence (DUI) results in a criminal offense when one is driving a motor vehicle with his or her alcohol level exceeding the legal limit. The same offense can also be applied when one is caught operating a machine under a certain level of intoxication. Some jurisdictions are however planning a more strict [...]

Consequences, DUI

The Fate of “Driving Under the Influence”

June 7, 2017, Author: FSA

A large percentage of all the fatal collisions that occurred between the years 2007 and 2011 was caused by driving under the influence of drugs. Data received from NGO Reaction indicates that the figure almost reached twice as high between the years 2011 and 2015. “Marios Stavrou, head of NGO Reaction, said that around three [...]