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Drunk Driving – 7 Steps To Break The Habit

May 22, 2020, Author: FSA

Drinking and driving is never good. It is one combination that has killed thousands of innocent people over the years and will keep doing so unless we change something. Can we stop it? Yes, but only to a certain level. Drinking responsibly is a concept that not everyone understands or gives importance to. It is […]

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Potential Impact Of Death Penalty For Drunk Driving

April 24, 2019, Author: FSA

Recently, Taiwan made headlines for approving the death penalty for the most extreme case of drunk driving. This has led to a massive outcry. While various activists and rights group remonstrated against the move, many were of the opinion that the public is in favour of the death penalty. Generally, the laws against impaired driving […]

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Frightening Facts about Drunk Driving

November 30, 2017, Author: FSA

For a majority of people, drinking is fun. It is indeed a wonderful act of passing time with friends. Sitting with friends and enjoying a drink or two is really thrilling. It gets better if we all end up home safely, with none of the people involved getting involved in an accident. However, if an [...]

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DUI Infographic Shows Fascinating Trends

November 2, 2017, Author: FSA

It is always wrong to drive while you are drunk. You are not safe, and neither is any other road user, if you are on the road driving under the influence. While there are several countries that will allow you to drive with some level of alcohol in your blood system, you risk far-reaching consequences [...]

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Drugs, Alcohol and Their Consequences

September 18, 2017, Author: FSA

It may be technically difficult to ascertain if an individual has a history of alcohol or drug abuse. However, if a drug user or alcohol user is not treated within the required timeline, the consequences thereof become extremely dire and can even overtake a person’s whole life. Excessive usage of alcohol and drug usage can [...]