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Welcome to Forensic Sobriety Assessment!

Have you been wondering how to defend yourself in an upcoming DUI case in your state? If your answer is “yes”, then you may be interested in taking a DUI course before you appear in court.

I offer you an option on one of the best courses that will arm you with all the knowledge that you need. The courses that I offer in my school are the latest and the instructors make use of the most updated road incidents so that you may relate with them.

Moreover, I have also been given the privilege of going round various states educating the residents on ways to ensure that they reduce the usage of alcohol and related drugs while driving. I may have come to your state before, but maybe when I was there, I did not have a school that offers DUI courses yet.

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Hired a nanny or babysitter under influence?

We have noticed that there is lots of cases of young babysitters and nannies that post their advertisements for a side job and they show up being under influence. If you think this happened to you, contact us. Also we recommend monitoring their work behavior, you might be quite shocked about their employment. For example things done please follow NannySpy Video website. These guys collect the data and evidence on all the cases.

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