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The FSA Certification Process

FSA Certification demonstrates commitment to the highest standards of professional competence. It is open to attorneys, police officers and trainers, and forensic consultants. There is no grandfathering or substitute credentialing.

Applicants must pass written examinations in each of eight content areas. FSA training covers emphasizes the scientific concepts and findings pertaining to judgments of sobriety and intoxication based on observations and sobriety tests. Applicants may attend seminars presented by Dr. Rubenzer (not currently scheduled) or complete the program on-line. To learn more about the topics covered, time estimated for each module, and cost, visit the FSA training page. Retesting (at a nominal fee) is required after three years to demonstrate continued competence and retention of knowledge.

Certification Benefits

FSA certification confers the confidence that one is the best-trained and most knowledgeable person in the court room pertaining to behavioral evidence of intoxication. It announces to clients, the court, witnesses, and peers that the holder is an expert in this vital aspect of DUI practice. Material benefits include: 1) Use of the FSA logo and phrase "FSA-Certified" on advertisements, web pages, and business cards; 2) an oversized (11" x 14"), individually printed and signed diploma documenting certification; 3) listing on the FSA website with name, phone, and link to website; 4) continued access to FSA lessons and tests, as well as updates; and 5) early access to Dr. Rubenzer's publications in preparation (one is planned for the DRE protocol). Unlike referrals from generic DWI referral sites, those coming through FSA will know you are among a handful of professionals nationwide who have earned the most advanced training and credentialing available.

The introductory cost for all these benefits is $479/year, or less than $40/month. You must pass exams for all eight modules before you can enroll. To get started with FSA training, click here.

Special Offers

Be the first certified in your state or major metropolitan area (>300,000 pop) and get your first year at half price ($239/yr).

Public servants (judges, police officers, prosecutors): $99/year or $275 for three years.

Enroll in the FSA training program or apply for Certification